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Here you will find all articles that have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Each article is accompanied by an abstract, a link to the publisher's website, and, wherever relevant, an appendix with supplementary information. For a complete list of projects I have been involved in, see my CV.

My research published in peer-reviewed academic journals

Chlouba, Vladimir. "Liberation Wars as Critical Junctures: Colonial Heritage and the Persistence of Inequality." Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy, 3(2): 149-181.

Chlouba, Vladimir, Daniel S. Smith & Seamus Wagner. “Early Statehood and Support for Autocratic Rule in

Africa.” Comparative Political Studies, 55(4): 688-724.




Chlouba, Vladimir & Jianzi He. “Colonial Legacy, Private Property, and Rural Development: Evidence from Namibian Countryside.” Economic History of Developing Regions, 36(1): 30-56.

Chlouba, Vladimir. “Traditional Authority and State Legitimacy: Evidence from Namibia.”Journal of the Middle East and Africa, 11(3): 251-272.



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